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Journeythroughthegate's podcast

Mar 2, 2020

Dale McCarthy Animal Communicator joins us to tell stories of some of the most outspoken and surprisingly on-point conversations she has had with numerous animals of all kinds through her years of using her gifts to help both the pet and the pet's humans! Dale found she had an understanding of the clear pictures and thoughts she was getting from horses, and as time went by, she has now honed this ability enough to talk with them, even across the miles! Heartfelt answers to questions all pet friends have had, "Is my beloved pet still around?', "Did we do the right thing?" "Is there something wrong with my pet?" All these and more are answered by the animals over the years. They come through with unconditional love and reassurance and often lets their humans know what they have been thinking, in an astonishingly accurate way that leaves you laughing, crying and most assuredly asking yourself, "What's my pet thinking?" Join us and hear the surprise my fur buddy had for me!  Find Dale here on her website        

Music by M. Cicerello for Journey Through the Gate "Spirit's Rescue"

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