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Journeythroughthegate's podcast

Jul 19, 2020

Odd how two people can find one another, living or dead! Join us on this journey through Author Kevin Killen's experiences with the uncanny and the downright scary! This was a delightful conversation with a new friend of the show, and along the way, we find we have so much in common! 

Find Kevin's book here!


Jun 5, 2020

This episode we welcome in Mike Huberty from the See You on The Otherside podcast! Discussing favorite Ghost stories, theories, and haunted places he has been on his Ghost tours!  Also find Mike here with his band Sunspot!

May 31, 2020

My first attempt at a non-fiction ghost story. Written and Narrated by Sysco Murdoch. Take a trip to the deep woods of a beautiful mountainside with a family just looking for a little getaway! What could possibly happen in a setting as serene as this? Part one of the Cabin series!  

May 30, 2020

Join Joey and Josh Mormann as we take a stab at a Paranormal Word game and see what we scare up! TimeSlips, Portals, Extra-Dimensional adventures, UFOs, and DEAD ENDS, to name a few!    Find Joey Mormann on his Youtube Channel The Truth Experiment!

Apr 29, 2020

Talented Musician, and Thought-provoking host of his own show on Youtube, Joey Mormann, joins us for a trip through the gate. We trip the light fantastic over current events, standing in the rain for ice cream, reincarnation, and how much we are all more alike than different.    Find  Joeys Channel here