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Journeythroughthegate's podcast

Apr 29, 2020

Talented Musician, and Thought-provoking host of his own show on Youtube, Joey Mormann, joins us for a trip through the gate. We trip the light fantastic over current events, standing in the rain for ice cream, reincarnation, and how much we are all more alike than different.    Find  Joeys Channel here

Apr 21, 2020

Join us as we gather together Patriots within the movement to discuss their own stories and thoughts on what is going on globally! Thank you to Suedoenymm, Fionna, INFJohn, Zultan, Christean Suprean, Shadilay, LadyMolly,& Coffee for giving your insights and thoughts for those who may just be waking up!     

Thank you to...

Apr 3, 2020

We continue our look into The Great Awakening and the single greatest information drop in History with my good friend Kiwi Patriot! We look into what first got us intrigued by this fascinating movement. What does it mean to go "down the Rabbit hole', and how do the events happing in America affect countries far and...

Apr 1, 2020

Listener favorite, Mr. Simon Entwhistle returns with intriguing historic tales of a hero born out of extreme circumstances and a romantic tale of love that never gave up, to an extraordinary tale of a dog that spanned through decades to give a hello from the veil!    Simon's Books  Simon's...