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Journeythroughthegate's podcast

Dec 3, 2018

Tonight we are escorted through the gate by Paranormal Inc. Ernie Atwell and Dave Siler tell us some of their investigation findings, how real life experiences have changed their thoughts on the Paranormal and the Supernatural, and some pretty surprising events and situations they have shared in this multi-level genre! This was a wonderful convo with twists and turns along the way. These gentleman have some terrific insights on the living, and the dead. Paranormal Inc. website here!   Also the group pages that they talk about on the show on       Share the show with s friend, stop by our shop  Shop Here!     Help support the podcast by getting yourself or gifting some cool Tees or swag!    Sysco Murdoch & Steve Stockton's book We Are All Children in the Wilderness of the Afterlife is now on Kindle! Kindle Book Here!     Journey Through The Gate Paranormal Portal Gatekeepers Gatekeepers!         'Spirit's Rescue' c... Original  Music by Mario Cicerelleo for Journey Through The Gate Podcast