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Journeythroughthegate's podcast

May 12, 2019

Welcoming back our good friends from Paranormal Inc., Ernie and Dave! We take a look at why ghosts stay, did they choose this? Maybe not! What they do first when they get that call for a possible case, and all the many ways they both choose to give back to this community. This is a wonderful walk through the gate with stories and laughs and so much heart!  Please take a look into their wonderful youtube channel, the great group on their FB page of the same name , and if you are in the neighborhood, go, go, GO to one of their fantastic seminars! Thank you Ernie Atwell & Dave Siler for stopping by, and for your patience in waiting for this episode release, Listener inside info here, there was a horrible hissing that kept poping up through out this finished ep, as well as multiple tech malfunctions, Thanks to Steve Stockton of 13 Past Midnight YouTube for getting the ghosts out of my machine! Thanks Steve!  Image is the Orb discussed in the episode!     Dont forget to come over to our Gatekeepers page on facebook.