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Journeythroughthegate's podcast

Oct 7, 2019

Brian Weaver is the designer/Producer of the paranormal enthusiast website! The website reflects Brian's love for history, and all things ghostly! This is proving to be a hot spot for Paranormal Investigators, researchers, Ghostly Travelers and more! You can look up your state and see local hauntings , or plan a hauntingly good adventure in other states! You are encouraged to add your pictures, stories, and EVPs and evidence to a location as well! Also an author of many books centered around Travel Guidance to major hauntings and legend tripping across the USA , he also has a book and Youtube channel on Monsters around America!   You can find Brian on For lots of great pictures of places Brian talks about go here->    This is part one of a jam packed ghost story episode to welcome back our listeners and  our podcast! Part Two out soon! Thank you for sticking with us! Crispy, Steve and I thank you! Here is our new Youtube channel : Journey's Youtube Channel! Here! Crispy is Back!