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Journeythroughthegate's podcast

Jul 15, 2018

This episode is one of my favorites so far! I have known of Barry Strohm since his first interviews just getting used to his and wife Connie's antique store in Pennsylvania , that just happens to be extremely haunted! A non believer at first, Barry had a very successful career in civil engineering, and was just interested in antiques and history. The spirits had another plan in place. As many in this paranormal, Supernatural community, he found him self gradually introduced to the wonders of spirit. Writing his first book Haunting and History of the Battle of Gettysburg started with paranormal photography! Then as his psychic abilities increased, he began writing books on communicating with the spirits on the other side of the life veil! Take a walk through the gate with Sysco, Connie and Barry Strohm, as we talk about Barrys books Afterlife What Really Happens on The Other Side, Aliens Among Us: Exploring Past and Present,  Spirits Speak of The Universe, Spirits Speak of Mysteries and Conspiracies,& the new ones coming out!  Within these books, you will not only become aware of the honestly skeptic nature of Barry himself, but his extremely thorough checking, rechecking, research and examination of each piece of information he and those with him had been given! All of it wrapped in a sense of humor, and genuine  surprise, we may all feel at some of the revelations the Guides, and Spirits involved have to say. And honestly why not? If we can believe in this world of the paranormal and supernatural, that the dead just may have something to say, than why not JFK coming back to say he forgives those that conspired against him, that he knows who was behind it, and knew it was coming, why not Patton? Who held his honor throughout many battles, who asked nothing of the men he led but everything, and to honor themselves in doing so, and who throughout this lifetime always said he had been a warrior in other lives as well, did not hide his beliefs in reincarnation, and has some things to tell us about how he really died, and what he thought about the movie! Find General Pattons Poem here.. Through a Glass,Darkly , see if he isn't  telling us of his reincarnation!? Through a Glass Darkly Poem   As an Army Vet myself, I can tell you, if belief in Reincarnation was good enough for Patton, who am I to disagree? For that matter why not King Richard III, why not the truth finally about Booth and those who shot Lincoln? Why not Saints, the Knights Templer , and historical characters through out time, who have been misquoted and misrepresented for centuries!!! The least of which the very Blessed Mother and yes, Jesus. Ever think that its possible they have been misrepresented too? Well hang on to your hats, cause here comes the wind of truth! Aliens, Haarp, Bigfoot, what the heck is up with the Burmuda Triangle?? And, so very much more, what is a soul, what are 'The Guides' , and why is all this coming out now. As, Barry and so many say when the truth starts to come together & the picture is so much brighter than we thought possible...Read it for yourself, open your mind, research it, read it again and come to the conclusion that is right for you.   Here are some ways to do just that:    Get The Books!  Here!  Find him on social Media, Join the Words of God Then and Now Group! Watch the channeling sessions! Read the Transcripts! Find so many of the Strohms interviews on Youtube and maybe get in on your own Channeling Reading by Catching them on Micheal Varas show LNM Radio Micheal Vara   every month. Perhaps speaking to a past loved one will help you to believe, perhaps it is possible the a fore mentioned spirits would want their real stories told! Sorry, it was a lovely hat, but perhaps the new one will just be as lovely and you may find, it just fits better!                                                             Sysco has been looking into the dark and shadowy  corners of the paranormal most of her life,and has always tried to bring it into the light! Send us your stories of the unexplained and the uncanny at Journey through the Gate : GateKeppers page. Or at  Original Music By Mario Cicerello- Spirits Rescue, for Journey Through The Gate Podcast!