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Journeythroughthegate's podcast

Aug 6, 2018

Justin Cancilliere has been in Radio and Podcasting for over a decade! He is an author of Syfy Books and short Stories. He is co host of ParaTruth radio and The producer? Host of Beyond Reason podcast where you are dared, ' to have an open mind!'   As part of Journey Through the Gate's "Podcaster People to Watch and Listen to!" series we open it up along with our minds with Justin!  We touch on what's different in the paranormal, conspiracy and mystery genre, since he started looking into the realm of the uncanny and unexplained. Join us and also, catch his podcasts with the links below!                    Beyond Reason Website           ParaTruthradio                                         Sysco has been looking into the paranormal since her first run in with an angry ghost as a child! Join us on the show with your experiences! Send them into      Help support this podcast and keep it free by getting some of our original episode Cover Art!                             GET SWAG HERE!!                                    Be A Gatekeeper Here!                                                        'Spirits Rescue" Original Music By Mario Cicerello