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Journeythroughthegate's podcast

Aug 12, 2018

Part of our," Podcasters to Watch & Listen To!" series!  This is part One of our conversation when Justin Rimmel Producer and Host of Mysterious Circumstances come through the gate to tell us about his early interest in The Philadelphia Experiment that kicked off his passion for deep research and mysteries! We touch on that and Billy the Kid, Jesse and Frank James, conspiracies and more. With his many personal experiences in the paranormal, and his new Horror Podcast Rev. 9:6,we journey through that subject too, with many stops along the way! This is an 'ICE DROPPED' convo, meaning, there were adult beverages and  we had a ball discussing things we wanted to talk about. It was a blast to just have a Skull Session about thoughts on the paranormal normal, History, and oddities that popped up!  It's quite like an roller coaster ride and this is how it went down. No excuses, no apologies raw convo between friends and lovers of the paranormal! Part Two: BOOs & BOOZE ! is Ep. 22! Yup we kept should you, its a great convo! Warning: There will be Talking! Find Justin's Podcasts on Podbean, Stitcher other fine podCATCHERS, and on ConflictRadio on Youtube!    Mysterious Circumstances Podcast                      Mysterious Circumstances Group     Rev. 9:6 Podcast Page                 Sysco has been interested in the paranormal since early childhood begining with her first run in with an angry ghost!  Send us your stories to      Get our Swag on   For t shirts, Mugs, Stickers, Pillows, posters and More to help support our show!                                        'Spirits Rescue' written for Journey Through The Gates Podcast by  and performed by Mario Cicerello 2018