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Journeythroughthegate's podcast

Sep 5, 2018

My friend Tony Brueski has a fantastic podcast and multiple shows involving the Haunted and the Ghostly! I actually met him and his lovely wife Jenny through his show several years ago! It is a fun packed ghostly encounter from real people calling in their stories! Real Ghost Stories online is a weekly show with more stories or extended shows for EPPs. Extra Podcast People. Find them at On the Facebook page you will also get Live show pop ups! It is a humor filled time that absolutely gets serious fast when a caller has a fear filled call in, or a story takes a scary turn. Tony and Jenny have always had a passion for the paranormal, and the show started as an outlet for those who had an experience and wanted to share it without judgement. I can bet you if you tune in to the archives you will hear some ghostly tales from someone named Sysco, who became friends with so many from that show.                                                                                      Find Real Ghost stories on their website send in your story, or find the book filled with Ghostly goings on there too!                   Sysco has been interested in the paranormal and the supernatural since her first run in with a ghost at a very young age. Send in your stories to   Find T Shirts, Mugs, Pillows and more with Crispy and our logo cover Art at   Every sale sends a bit to help our podcast stay free. We thank you.                                               Also Check out for Psychic Development & Mediumship tips, if you would like a reading from Scotty,after reading some of his fantastic reviews, mention code SYSCO for a 10% discount on your first reading!  Thanks Scott!                   'Sprits Rescue' Original Music For Journey Through The Gate by Mario Cicerello 2018