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Journeythroughthegate's podcast

Sep 16, 2018

Ron Yacovetti has an interesting background of working within Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing commentary fields , as well as a stand up comedian                     The Video Investigation we spoke of HERE!, and some how managed to throw in Paranormal Investigator to the mix! What a good mix it turned out to be, because now Ron says he has stared all kinds of mean and  evil in the face and has lived to tell about it! This is a fun conversation about ghosts, things he has seen on the Queen Mary, and other historic haunted places., to include the Omen House near the property of infamous  Manson Murders. Ron is on Facebook and Youtube with many of his interesting videos of some of the Morris-Jumel Mansion investigations and others! Join us as we talk about some Tech equipment, favorite ghostly tales, a bit of history and some things we have both learned from the dead!                          Sysco has been interested in the paranormal since here first run in with an angry ghost as a young age.  'Spirits Rescue' music written for Journey Through The Gate by Mario Cicerello 2018