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Journeythroughthegate's podcast

Mar 18, 2019

Producer/Host of the wonderful Paranormal Heart Podcast, Kat Ward, stops in to tell us some of her many encounters with the uncanny. As a young girl growing up in Canada, her very first run in with the paranormal was with the Hatman! What did she find out about this repeating visitor as a child, and later as an adult? Kat has been interested in the subject of ghostly goings on all her life,and tells us a few tells of cryptids located in and around Canada. Listen as we relive on of the scariest close up and personal encounters she had as a paranormal investigator! For this episode we bring in our friend Steve Stockton and make it a fun story filled convo with all things that go bump in the night!   Find Kat's Podcast on Podbean, On her youtube channel, on Darkmatter Radio, and on her Facebook page.              All of Steve's books can be found on Kindle , he is also on Twitter, Facebook and on our Gatekeepers Page!    FindSteve's and My book on Kindle      We Arte All Children In The Wilderness of The Afterlife Book                                                         Hatman Video Kat Mentions Here!