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Journeythroughthegate's podcast

Aug 9, 2020

What happened in cabin 22 after Joan and the boys left?

Dave Weaver and his best bud and partner, who happens to be a large German Shepard, Rage, lead us on an adventure that takes place at the end of October on a mountain vacation, Dave just didn't bargain for! Challenged by a friend to write more chapters after The Cabin, I took a shot at a serial released novella! Here is the finished product! I wrote every word as it came to me, narrated it, and did the accompanying videos.  Among the challenges was the added caveat to add as many Halloween symbols and favorites along the way! Sounds easy, right?  Not really! Even the title The Strange Case of Cabin 22, was a nod to the old Scobby Doo series we have grown to love! 

What I didn't expect are the characters! They almost took this story over! They seemed to have a story to tell, and I give them all the credit! So yes, throughout this six-part series, you will be able to pick out as many Halloween symbols and nods to the holiday, we have grown to enjoy through the years: bats, a black cat, magic, a murder mystery, twisted characters, Quija, Dogmen, werewolves, bigfoot, ghosts, hauntings, shaman, Witches, vampires ( of a sort??), Psychics, Mediums, seances, full moons, wicked ghost kids, missing 411 scares, and of course unexpected heroes and villains throughout!  I am releasing it here and also on my Youtube channel Hop in there and subscribe, Set your Notification bell, and if you'd be so kind give the videos a thumbs up! It helps so much!  I am attempting to add videos that go with this story, subtle enough to not take away from your own imagination! Also doing my best to get the subs up, and listening hours enough to go live before Halloween so we can all get together with Steve Stockton and premiere the end of this story together! Thank you for listening!   Meanwhile, enjoy it!  Also, Halloween is fast approaching, and the book is doing great if you haven't checked it out here it is---->